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Most fucking awesome person in the world.
Ani Difranco is sex.
by Laurah April 22, 2005
A word for the smell a dirty bum, crutch or any other body part emitts when it hasnt been washed in some time.
Where is that smell coming from? OH, it's you shane.....take a shower!
by Laurah February 06, 2005
A pill you give someone at a nightclub if you want to get into their pants.
See that fine fella? I'm gonna give him an eckie, so that later tonight, i'll give him a root.
by Laurah February 07, 2005
Is a condition which reslults in someone loving their food too much.
That person is obese because they love their food
by Laurah February 06, 2005
The sexiest man to have ever walked this earth. He makes my heartthrob whenever i see him......especially when he is jack sparrow....mmmmmmm.....
He is the most orgasmic man alive and if i had the chance i would fuck and suck him anyday!
Johnny Depp is the one and only sex bomb. He will be forever mine.......
by Laurah July 21, 2006
It's another name for: minge, vagina, pussy, box.
Johnny Depp went down on my wookie hole.
by Laurah July 21, 2006
Froda is another name for: arse, bootie, bum, buttcheeks, coit, bottom, poop-shooter, crack, rectum, anus, anul cavity.
Fraid that froda.....fraid it like you could......fraid it like you could, should, would.....garloolayer,garloolayer......click!
by Laurah February 05, 2005

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