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THE most awesome sport in the entire world. Honestly. No lesbians on either of my teams, its not that common. 11 players on a side. Have amazing lower body strength due to hardcore conditioning. Bend over often. Play low and are good with their stick skills. Use one side of our sticks which are either wood or composite. Every year there is a festival at either Palm Springs, Ca or West Palm Beach, FL. This is where every college coach goes to watch and recruit. In palm beach, there were 28 full size (100yds long, 65 yds wide) fields on 6 polo fields. It was the best experience ever.
There is also another form of hockey-which is indoor.
Indoor is much better than outdoor. Playing very very low requires lots of leg and butt muscles, leading to a very nice ass that is fondly referred to as a hockey butt. Moving on, Indoor is much cooler. There is also a national tournament at the end of the indoor season...like the outdoor one, but not as fun. There is U12, U14, U16, and U19 for my club team, but also U21 and i think there are younger than 12 teams too.
Field hockey is a huge sport in Europe, but it is gaining popularity in America too. Only the cool kids play field hockey. It takes more finesse to play hockey than it does to play the retarded sport of lacrosse.
Jeff- Dude, Do you realize that every girlfriend you have had is a field hockey player?

Spencer- Well, If you wore a skirt and had an amazing ass and leaned over all the time, I'd do you too
by Laura someone October 20, 2006

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