1 definition by Laura Solomon..x.Gangsta4Christ.x, England

A person who took to crime, gangs, drugs, and/or violence, to find exceptance and truth, had a hopeless past and future but found the Lord Jesus, in Christian terms,(got saved), and God changed them, forgave them of their past, took their guilt and made them new, then used their experiences, gained through living this way, to help those still trapped, to be free from that way of life and find what it is that is missing, through a relationship with God.
(Can be written Gangsta4Christ.)

(An extract from the Life application bible)

"Through you i am saying to the prisoners of darkness, 'Come out!. I am giving you your freedom!'.
Isaiah 49:9.

"Through you (Laura) i am saying to the prisoners of darkness, 'Come out. I(the Lord)am giving you your freedom".

A GangstaforChrist is someone who has, and will endure anything to bring light into the darkness, and bring Christ(to) the lost.

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