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4 definitions by Laura Marshall

An utterly excited form of the word "yes" or "yeah". (Pronounced p-ch-yeah)
"Pchyeah we're going to have fun!"
by Laura Marshall July 30, 2006
29 15
1. The lack of expressing emotion.
2. The inability to set forth in words.
As Aaron walked in the park his head hung and his body, expressless.
by Laura Marshall May 30, 2007
7 1
An abbreviated version of the phrase: "otherwise reffered to as".

Pronounced "or-tah"
This guy's name is John Doe... orta DJ Funky.
by Laura Marshall October 22, 2007
4 10
Otherwise known as "Popular Independent".

1. An oxymoron.
2. A genre of music describing independent bands that have become popular (aka selling out).
Joe: Hey what do you think of Feist?
Jane: Oh her voice is so amazing! I like a lot of that indie pop stuff nowadays.
by Laura Marshall September 18, 2007
18 53