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The main line is a place where people can all pretend like they aren't rich. They hire college students to raise their children, and live mainly off of seltzer water and cottage cheese. They hire people to vaccuum and plant pretty trees but they are all either too strung out on pills/too busy commuting into the city to make the "big bucks"/in nantucket to notice. The women all have large breasts and tiny waists because they get plastic surgery, and they glare at other women who are threatening their "territory" (the husbands that are cheating on them with the babysitter). They think that their children are better because they saturate them in the "good life"-vacation, swimming and horseback riding lessons, fine art, and organic food, but really they are just creating their children to be people who truly believe that they are better than the rest of the world.

The sickest thing about the mainline is that there is old money, and the second generation truly does not know any different than what they have been raised in. They will live and die believing that they are "middle class" and that the way that they are living is fine. They will go on growing their little gardens thinking that it is environmentally friendly, yet continue to exploit people for their own profit, whether it be in their business or at their job. They will donate money to charities to feel better about it, and make their kids go on short term mission trips so that they realize how "lucky" they are. This pocket of suburbia is the epitome of everything that is wrong with America, and it truly is sad. There are documentaries about the pits of poverty in Africa, but there should be documentaries about the pits of wealth in Berwyn or Wayne.

Those who read this and think that they are different, they are not. If your kid goes to Radnor township, you are a sell out. If you think that just because your kids go to Good Sam Youth they aren't being exploited by your wealth, then go read the Bible and think about Jesus' words on what it means to be a person of humility and of little possessions. You are NOT middle class, and I don't care how many good causes you support. The mainline is a disgrace to humanity and I hope the recession burns a hole through it.
He who goes to the main line with hope comes out cynical.
by Laura Drake August 16, 2009

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