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when one has vaginal fluid dried and encrusted over face after serious session of muff-diving.
"I enjoy eating pussy.. I especially like when my face feels like a glazed doughnut in the morning."
by Laura Chatterton February 19, 2007
This occurs when someone who is driving on the freeway consistently drives on the white reflectors to guide their path as opposed to driving in the center of the reflector lines. Much akin to a blind person running their fingers over the special bumps to read something.
Hey are you gonna stop driving by braille or what? It's giving me a headache.
by Laura Chatterton May 03, 2007
A combination of two Saturday Night Live alum movie quotes; zang meaning "excellent" according to Mike Myers in Wayne's World, and the redneck dang that David Spade says in Joe Dirt when he thinks something is cool. More punctuated when said in a southern accent like David Spade's character Joe Dirt, better punctuated when the 'a' sound is dragged out and given an extra syllable.
"Zaa-aang! That girl is crazy hot!"
by Laura Chatterton May 03, 2007
Refers to a slutty woman who will fuck anything that comes her way. Specifically refers to her dirty pussy, as dirty as a cat box.
Tiffany fucked her future brother-in-law, therefore spreading her clitty litter to her household.
by Laura Chatterton February 19, 2007
A penis in the state of puberty in which it no longer is a wiener but has not yet achieved full penis status.
"My wenis has 15 pubes on it!
by Laura Chatterton February 19, 2007
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