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Major fallacy. Clearly an embittered soul created such a term.
Definition is impossible.
by Laura April 13, 2005
Loca could be in different wayz. There's loca like crazy, Loca like a clique name, loca like a fly female and loca like a bitch.
"'ta loca esa si quiere salir con el"
"Oye, s'all about the L.o.c.a.s!"
"Mira esa loca ova there..Damn1"
"La loca esa is gettin up in my face and talkin sh!t bout my outfit"
by Laura January 03, 2004
back to the future man
hello mcfly
by laura August 09, 2003
Chuck Taylor

A very stylish brand of Converse shoes that come in many different colored soles and canvas sides. You may also place interesting laces in these wonderful old school sneakers!
I have 3 pairs of different colored Chuck Taylors with interesting laces in each of them! I have pink w/ stars, blue w/ duck, and gold and black w/ red checked laces!
by Laura May 12, 2004
To determine everything you could possibly ever want to know about someone (and then some) using the website www.google.com.
Dude, I totally google stalked you... your mom is hot.
by Laura December 25, 2003
a guy or a girl that u arnt going out with, and u only use them 2 make out and do nasty stuff.
i dnt want a girlfriend but i wanna hook up buddy
by laura July 04, 2004
An upper-middle-class Northern New Jersey town of about 55,000 in Passaic County about 20 miles outside of New York City.
Lacking in any sort of downtown so "Club Preakness" (Preakness shopping center) is the place to be.
Full of Jews, Asians, and endless Catholics who forget that Protestants exist.
"Only Wayne would have a Hebrew YMCA."

"I can't wait to get the fuck out of Wayne."
by Laura December 29, 2004

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