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to run extremely fast, to dip with the quickness, mostly from the cops.
Yo, i was tappin this young broad and her papa dukes rolled up in the driveway, i had to ball ass out the back door with my junk still hangin out.
by Laura January 22, 2005
over-prescribed medicine for anyone who claims to have any mental illness. disassosiation should be expected.
here's some prozac. if that doesn't fix anything, you can always jump off a cliff.
by laura May 05, 2005
Parnian.. A person who is obsessed with how their eyebrows look..This person does not follow any trends. Secretly loves The OC and Spice Girls but won't tell anyone. Obbsessed with hair and hair products. This person never wants to tbe a prep.They will never buy cloths from american eagle but will buy jeans that are named "american rag" only b/c it's from macys. Oh and they love EMO . oh they are all democrats
"dude are my eyebrows good".. "omg you need new hairspray" quotes from a Parnian.
"lack of color was labeled indie but i labeled it emo.. its oo emo"
by Laura March 20, 2005
A very groovy bear who lives next door to a bimbo near a bridge made of stone and they climb lots of trees and try many a times to get lost......one day! then they both grow up and boys arent so nasty anymore!
They learn to drive, get bfs, leave them and go on holiday to minorca, come back and they buy houses next door to each other in tobaygo and live happily ever after.
'veggie grass'
budge blowing a whistle 'dinner time'
by laura November 08, 2004
The best sport to ever be invented by man. Whats with that gay Rugby Runion shit? Honestly people get out there and play soccer, don't watch it. Playing soccer with your hands is fun have you any idea how many frees I can give away in one game? Nothing could get as exciting as that!
Only pissy poo heads that smell like bum play Rugby...Oi did you see that re that showed his package? I think that was the intention of the gay man tackling him.
by Laura July 17, 2003
The story that I have heard about Loki is this - He was the god of mischief but started a rebellion in heaven, trying to take over. He lost and was banished from heaven. He then became the god of evil, and pretty much is now Satan. Now thats cool!
"So yeah, I roxor people's soxors"
by Laura April 06, 2005
Harry Potter, a wizard who has a freakish lightening bolt scar and has no luck with girls. Sucks at dancing and doesn't actually have frames in his glasses. On the other hand Harry Potter is something to read and its something that little bit different to gay romantic fantasy books that piss me off.
Hello? Everyone who says Harry Potter is gay are gay because they wouldn't be looking him up in Urban Dictionary if they didn't think he was cool! JOKE JOKE! :)
by Laura July 17, 2003

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