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style is the way u dress carry urself n look
when ders a gilr walking n shes dressed really nicely n shes beautiful u would say

"she is so style"
by Laura March 11, 2004
a charney that suzes like laura
becky: you are the origional charn laura!
laura: thnx bex!
by laura February 21, 2004
Porno Laura, Young female who tends to record Videos frequently, also see Laura
1)adski go get the camera
2)Lets make movies with pl!
3)PL-what laura is called by lee and d
by Laura March 10, 2004
originated by laura, not to be stolen or yoinked by anyone.
"Hi, how's it goin?" *shifty look* "herro, rady..." *wink*
by laura April 06, 2005
the word sam tries to get me to say and im like no! its mk. hes a dork.
Sweetblondie1590: mk
Sweetblondie1590: then i guess so
RiversideProphet: its "umk"
RiversideProphet: woooo
Sweetblondie1590: NO ITS MK
by laura January 05, 2005
one who is a whore/skank/bitch/fugly slut
Damn! Bryan is such a SWANK!
by Laura December 13, 2004
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