205 definitions by Laura

Little and cute
"aww, that is so winky!!"
by laura December 14, 2003
synonym for "lol"
person1: i'm an idiot
person2: kik
by laura June 18, 2003
A complete cokehead
All he wants to do is go to Crobar and do blow.
by Laura February 11, 2005
another word for hump shag bonk i made it up whilst in a chatroom and didnt wana use rude words!
"Fancy a good poinkin?!"
"Poink me goood baybeee!"
by Laura September 18, 2004
hola ojala que te conociera tienes que luxar por luis mario aparte a ti te gusta no se lo puedes dejar a la tonta de maribella que te quite a luis mario i tambien tienes que castigar a eduarda y los que te an eho muxo daño megustaria que encontraras a tu hija que es la que tienes en tu brazos la que se llama angeliquita esa es tu hija 1 besazo wapa cntesta si pudes
by laura October 28, 2003
a gun
your standing outside the co-op waitin 4 ur crew and some strange mutha fucker standin lookin u up n down , so ........
u pull out your gat n blow his fuckin knee caps off...........
then when he's lyin on the floor screamin with pain..........
spit on him !
by Laura June 10, 2003
Someone who is attracted to the same sex.
Guy: That dude is so hot.
Girl: Are you gay?
Guy: No I'm straight, straight as a curly fry.
by Laura May 17, 2004

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