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a female, usually from America, with only one breast, located in the middle of the chest
Tom Bowtell's girlfriend has a herb covered central breast
by Laura February 26, 2003
monkey boy would do anything to be with sian ugh again hes so fucking in love with her its like every minute hel phone sian its stupid hes 15 soon and he thinks hes in love at the age of 14 im dissapointed in him
monkey boy is a fake gangsta a fake killer but a real dope dealer and is so in love with sian ugh its stupid there is no point inn it but i must admit they would make a good couple cause they are both small and cute like
by laura March 30, 2005
A female who is both a slut and a cunt.
Jill is a scut. She sleeps with multiple men while being engaged to another. She makes everyone she meets angry.
by Laura July 16, 2003
107.5 radio on the central coast. Killing us with boredom.
by Laura August 09, 2004
a bump you know like a kadoonk
stacey has KADOONKS in her hair
by laura April 04, 2003
"oh crap"
oh arse fez!!!
by laura June 17, 2004
the monkfish is a very tantalizing dish, it comes in a delicious array of recipes to cater for all tastes. It is quite a salacious variety thats why there are so many in the waters today breeding their way into oblivion. Courtney introduced us into the magical world of monkfishism, and we adorn our walls in various shrines devoted to them.
ugly with large tenticle things and a big mouth
by laura February 13, 2004

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