205 definitions by Laura

They hit it once and they wonder where they got that itch
oh that girl be a one hit wonder
by Laura March 20, 2005
crooked; off kilter; slanty
"My glasses are jeehaw"
by Laura January 29, 2005
a wannabe swimmer with dark hair and eyes and nose plugs
yatty the batty with his hatty
by laura November 15, 2004
coolio brilliant boy mate who makes life worthwhile, though ever so slightly insane when near alcohol.

to hit a shinty under the chin, you will make him temporarily "sweet and cuddly"
hey shinty, you are looking shintylicious today!
by Laura June 19, 2004
a boys ballzac... sperm look like seamonkeys, and ballzac hold em, hence sea monkey bank
id love for her to suck his bank
by laura June 17, 2004
if sum1 insults or flirts you and you think the same thing about them then instead of saying it again just say bak at cha
PS1: i think your well sexy
PS2: bak at cha ;)
by laura September 21, 2003
Another name for female.
Hey man, take a look at that pistil.
by Laura May 30, 2003

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