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one who sheilz.
"what up sheilanator!?"
by laura December 14, 2003
snuggling in which 3 or more people crowd into a warm space and nap
(not usually sexual)
when we got back from the concert, we were so tired that we layed on the couch and kittened
by Laura March 02, 2005
Cold as fuck. To be extremely cold.
I am colf! Maybe I should put some pants on.
by Laura December 03, 2004
Basically it is a clap that.. ermm...motivates someone. Usually used when someone needs speeding up or used by me just to piss people off.
In Top Shop (just leaving...well I wanted to)

Laura C: oh look at that top/skirt/etc over there!

Laura(me): no no no! lets leave now! c'mon lets go! *clap clap clap*

Any Random occasion

Laura(me) : ooohh motivational clap for *insert name* *clap clap clap*
Other: Laura
Laura(me): yea?
Other: Shut up
by Laura December 19, 2003
anything that you keep (whether stolen or given to you) from someone's house after you've slept with them.
Laura didn't really like doing it with Chip so much, but she did nab a copy of Time Magazine with Mick Jagger on it from his house as a screwvenir.
by Laura September 14, 2003
The most sincere person anyone would ever meet. With a heart of gold, Guy remains faithful towards his music and fans with his incredible voice, giving out the best tunes ever heard. Being a Christian myself, he makes us all proud!!! I'm FOREVER WITH YOU Guy.... GO THE FRO
by Laura January 31, 2005
anotha word for boobs baps tats ,thought it sounded propa bo!
"Suck my booblays!"
"Come play with my booblays! theyre feeling lonely!"
by Laura September 18, 2004

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