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205 definitions by Laura

A shortened form of "whatever".
Whatever > Whatev > Tev
Orginated in Wayne, NJ.
"Tev, mate."

"Should I wear pumas or chucks tonight?"
by Laura December 29, 2004
someone has stolen something from you

see jacked
someone's chored me jhonny
by laura June 17, 2004
another name for the female genitals
"He hit me right in the pananny!"
by Laura March 09, 2004
Love is a feeling you get when you know you want to spend the rest of your life with that one person.
Brent and Laura are in love.
by Laura April 13, 2005
When you fart so hard that it wiggles your nuts.
Oh man, you just ripped a fart nut!
by Laura March 14, 2005
When someone is kind of hot but has one major flaw making them not really attractive anymore. For example, a girl could be gorgeous with big tits and a nice ass, but have some sort of personality disorder or some physical problem like a third arm growing out of her forehead.
Hey Ryan that girl is Wisconsin hot; I'd go for her if she didn't have that beard...
by Laura May 04, 2005
The best man in the whole wide world. I love him. He is so witty, sweet, nice, funny, and soothing. I love you James Raskopf. I love you forever. <@> ^_^
Looking around, sighing, I wish that James Raskopf was here, so I can be complete.
by Laura January 21, 2005