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205 definitions by Laura

poor work, half-assed effort.
The plumber's slipshod repair fell apart within a day.
by Laura December 25, 2004
26 10
Drive to Half Moon Bay CA, stand on ANY street corner and yell "George Bush is a draft dodger". The drooling, flat slob that runs up to you with a fistfull of NeoNazi website "fact-sheet" print outs yelling at you to step up and defend your position is Big Buck himself. Carefull! Don't get to close to him in the summertime as he gets a little ripe. That wide yellow streak down his back is not a competition stripe BTW.
Go to www.kpig.com/squeals and watch Big Buck make a total fool of himself.
by Laura August 10, 2004
18 5
My favorite girl who I hang out with 24/7.
I can tell her anything and we have fun playing ISS!
by Laura March 07, 2004
21 8
something that enjoys sniffing poopholes
My cat Emily is a poophole sniffer.
by Laura April 27, 2004
28 16
immediately, very fast, faster then anything imaginable, in a hot second
1.Im foaming at the mouth, nigga, you need to bring that shit over here with the quickness.

2.When her papa dukes rolled up i had to ball ass outta there with the quickness!
by Laura January 22, 2005
14 3
Not what everyone thinks! not the blonde bimbo in white stilletos and up for anything! theres only a few of them around!
lets not generalise every girl from essex as an essex girl
by laura April 26, 2005
96 84
Basically having a wank in your mind..usually over someone sexy...(but doesn't have to be)...just taking the time to picture them in their sexiness.
Can be done by either gender...woo!

*Warning* May be accompanied by Homer Simpson-like drool noises
E.G 1.)
In HMV watching man perving over a poster of Avril Lavigne

Laura:Look at him having a mind wank over Avril

E.G 2.)
Liz and Laura(me)sitting down in Rackhams waiting for Laura C(not me) to try on some clothes

Laura:*insert name* is so fit isn't he?
Liz: Oh,I know yea! he would so get it!
Laura: He's just so gorgeous...I think i need a mind wank now!
Liz: Me too!


Laura: Half naked Kylie on that T.V is putting me off..Dammit!!
Liz: You still having your mind wank?
Laura: Trying to.....Why?
Liz: Because i need a tissue!

*The above examples are purely fictional,as Laura and Liz are not this sad and do more interesting stuff in their free time*
by Laura December 20, 2003
15 5