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someone who is a slut but doesn't sleep around with guys. Just makes out with them. Maybe does a little bit of third base (i.e. blowing)
Friend 1: did you see that girl last night? she was totally making out with that guy!
Friend 2: Really? but i hear she is a virgin? and look now she's making out with that new guy from French class!
Friend 1: She's such a minor slut.
by LaughinShark February 22, 2010
someone who is a geek, dork, and nerd all at the same time. the original spelling was neekork. But was later changed to make sense phonetically.
"that guy with the glasses and is in the band, i heard he is really good at math!" -- Person 1

"Really? that makes him a dork, geek, and nerd!"-- Person 2

"you mean a knee cork?"-- Person 1
by LaughinShark January 10, 2010

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