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Eyeliner that is belonging to you. Your eyeliner.
Not someone else's, and in otherwords, yours and only yours.
Today I decided to wear myliner instead of mascara.
by Laugh Attack February 11, 2009
Essentially a leaf of any type. Can be folded in half to create a buzzy, "musical" instrument. Can be a pet for young children who have no friends and no life. Stays preserved better when constantly soaked, so take care of your pet leafalo!
This aspen leaf makes a great leafalo! Did you hear my leafalo, it's awesome! Hey mom, look, I found a leafalo! Can we keep him?
by Laugh Attack February 11, 2009
A tongue that comes from your butt. An insult to someone. An expression or way of saying something sucks.
Have you checked your butt tongue today? You're such a butt tongue! or Man, that seriously sucks butt tongue!
by Laugh Attack February 11, 2009

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