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A guy that makes everyone laugh. He's crazy fun to be around because he makes disgusting jokes. He's cool, popular, silly, and attractive. He should be a stand-up comic. He's Puerto Rican, but doesn't know much Spanish. He's a hard worker. He usually has a nickname like Nito instead of the traditional Juan. Girls line up to get with him, but when he's in a relationship, he's loyal.
Girl: Hey, is that your man over there getting eye-humped by all the girls?
Nito's girlfriend: Yeah... he's so sexy. Don't worry, though, he wouldn't do anything with any of them. He loves me.

Nito: So the guy said, "This penguin wasn't in the will!"
Dude: Oh my God! That's the best joke ever! You're hilarious, Juanito!
by Lauco September 19, 2011
A guy who does nothing but try to sleep with underage girls. A pedophile. He usually does not have a job and lives off of the government. He lives only with friends and has no responsibilities.
Friend: Hey, I heard you were going out with that Taki over there. Do you know how old he is?
Girl: Oh, God no! I was just around when he got his government check so he could try to get in my pants, and I could get a new outfit. He's such a tool!
by Lauco September 19, 2011

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