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1. Hard, rough dry feet usually obtained by walking bare foot. Country feet can walk on hot rocks/ hot dirt roads and feel no pain. Most contry boys have country feet.

2. Country feet the opposite of City feet.
Friend 1: I can't believe Andrew walked all the way home barefoot like that.

Friend 2: He'll be fine, he has country feet. He's used to walking long distances on hot surfaces barefoot.
by Latina_Lorie July 22, 2009
1. Soft well maintained feet usually never seen without some kind of shoe or sandal on.

2. City feet would never be able to walk barefoot outside the house without being miserbale and in pain without shoes on.

3. City Feet the opposite of country feet.
Person 1: Ooch! The ground is so hot. I can't find my sandals anywhere.

Person 2: You and your city feet...just can't hang.
by Latina_Lorie July 22, 2009
Scare-ity – Same meaning as fear. Being scared of something, to have a phobia.
Example1: Spiders are one of my scare-ities.

Example2: Scare-ity is a word made up by a drunk man named Larry that can’t think of the word fear or phobia.
by Latina_Lorie August 20, 2009

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