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Since everyone else said it (itsa store in the mall, posers, blah blah, "owned by GAP", et cetera) I'll just add on to this.
Hot Topic's bags are pretty useful, the drawstring stuff, hey, that's clever.
Everyone has something to say about Hot Topic.
by Latin scholar December 10, 2004
One cool cat. In fact, like, no one else has her name. Meaning she could make a CD and she wouldn't have to put her last name on the cover.
I want to be Sensei Ruliann-chan when I grow up.
by Latin scholar December 10, 2004
Good pictures, crappy story.
I don't even watch anime but I defined DNAngel anyway
by Latin scholar December 10, 2004
Dead language, but not quite, therefore it is a zombie language. Nobody really likes it but people teach it and people still learn it. The main job of the language is to kill people's GPA grades. Most people take the language unknowingly, thinking that they will sound smart, but it turns out they can not change the fate of being stupid.
I'm not trying to offend anyone - it's the truth.
Latin is the language of scholars.
by Latin scholar December 10, 2004
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