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A man of great integrity, the grand leader who accepts the responsibilities involved with taken on the role as "Chief".
Where Former Chief Mitch failed, Chief Voglis will not.
Aaron: "We salute thee Chief Mitch"
Chief Mitch: "Youse can all get fucked"
Aaron: "Chief Mitch, from this day forth you have been stood down as Chief, we shall now name a new replacement Chief, Schnozz!! ALL HAIL CHIEF VOGLIS!"
Former Chief Mitch: "Fuuuuckkkkkkkk..."
by Latchleyyy October 14, 2011
A common sound that occurs only when a great call (usually of explicit and/or sexual content) is made quick-wittedly.
*Whilst trying to make the elevator work*
Aaron: "Why won't it go up?"
Lachlan: "That's what she said!"
by Latchleyyy October 27, 2011

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