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A mystical super-hero with no limbs or head. By day, he is the heavy metal rock drummer sensation, El Toroso Man, by night he is the super-hero, Torso-Man.
"Flying frosted fuck, it's Torso-Man to save the day!"
by Lat January 07, 2003
See Cockstorm. Also known as the definitive weight-liftin' gamer with a goatee.
"You may be terrible, but not as bad as The Serg"
by Lat January 07, 2003
A variation on the acronym "omg" (oh my god), used in the Massassi Temple chatroom when god was said to have no place in the chat.

Can mean "Oh my quaker" or "oh mad quack"
OMQ! Look who's here!
by lat December 23, 2002
Whilst slightly drunk, a young man and his friend were trying to think of what a camp female would be called. "Dandy" meaning a flamboyant male, it appeared that there was no such word for females.

Thus, female and dandy were combined to make "Fandy".

Fandy - A camp, perhaps homosexual female.
She's such a fandy!
I am the fandiest man!
by Lat July 01, 2004
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