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A guy, between the ages of 15 and 30, that stays on Chat Roulette through the night until ungodly hours of the morning just to look for women. They usually end this fishing trip without any catches. If they have caught something, it is usually a 10-15 year old boy posing as a girl for shits and giggles. The Ibternet Fisherman's favorite bait is either a picture of them shirtless, or their penis.
Brett: Doug is a complete Internet Fisherman.

Erik: I know he has never gotten a single girl on there.
Anthony: I'm a ginger
Brett: He needs better bait then him shirtless.
Erik: I like shirtless men...
Brett: Well, I'm going to bed scarred tonight.
Erik: Hehehe
by LastRoflchopter August 06, 2010
The four websites that can scar you within moments of being on the site. They have the ability to twist your mind enough to make you think the world is ending. They are as follows:
Guy 1: I just visited the Four Websites of the Apocalypse.
Guy 2: So you're gay?
Guy 1: Fuck off.
Anthony: I'm ginger.
by LastRoflchopter August 06, 2010
The Four Horsemen of the modern day that signal the coming of the apocalypse. These are their past names and their modern reincarnation names.
War : Rucka Rucka Ali
Famine : Kim Jong Il
Pestilence : Justin Bieber
Death : Mel Gibson

When the Four Modern Horsemen Of The Apocolypse arrive there will be a very noticable sign: They will be heralded by burning winds and twisted land. The seas will rage and the sky will deform, and with the coming of this horror, those who draw breath shall know the true meaning of eternal slumber.
Guy 1: Dude its happening!
Guy 2: What?
Guy 1: The Four Modern Horsemen Of The Apocalypse! They are all meeting in Florida to discuss a how they will taken command of the planet!
Guy 2: Awesome, do you need some more crack to smoke or are you just retarded.
Guy 1: ... Possibly. How much you got?
Guy 2:Screw off
by LastRoflchopter August 06, 2010

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