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Paris Hilton is a stupid spoiled bitch who thinks she's sexy as she has loads of money. She is stupid for a number of reasons one for her dog making a book WTF. She is a typical blonde that is not hot.
Paris Hilton, Paris Hilton............Stupid Whore
by Laslo August 18, 2006
NOUN, term for people residing in the Kensington section of the City of Brotherly Love (ie: Philadelphia, PA), and not to be confused with someone from North Philadelphia.
You're buddy in the sally near K&A is a real Kenzo.
by laslo November 02, 2009
the description of the act of being 5 to 8 minutes late continually to the same repeating scheduled event, AND having no valid excuse for the behavior, AND not having any need to change the behavior
Hey Bob I notice that you are never on time to the meeting.
Yeah Rich, I'm on greg-time.
by laslo May 10, 2010
a transgendered who enjoys milkshakes from Chick-fil-a
after attending the local LGBT meeting, enjoying a milkshake from Chick-fil-a was a hidden secret treat for the chick-fell-ow
by laslo January 17, 2013
a person in recovery from alcoholism who says one thing and then acts the opposite way in a very obnoxious and judgemental manner
Have you seen the young girl that Bobby was hitting on last night?

Yeah, he yelled at a guy the other night for trying to 13th step the same chick..

What a hypAAcrit !
by laslo July 01, 2011
"a room which is 60% populated"...used by politicians to confuse the listener
The room that can seat 30 was sparsely packed with 20 occupied seats.
by laslo September 24, 2009
gay facts about the straight world that just don't make sense
#1 straight friend - "there he goes again, on and on again about why not to eat at that chicken place..."

#1 homosexual male - ".. and then they give money to the Nazi party who kidnaps gypsies AND gays...."

# 2 straight friend - "uh yeah ... he's a homofactual..... let's grab some chicken and a milkshake"

#1 strsaight friend - "what an idiot.... let's get fries too"
by laslo January 28, 2013
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