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Portola Valley is a smelly, disgusting, dirty little suburb that wishes it was Atherton. Unlike Atherton, however, people in Portola Valley are in debt. Meaning they can't actually afford a house which was probably not even worth 2 million when they bought it (ew). To compound their financial troubles, people from Portola Valley buy their children newer cars than they themselves drive. This is because adults from Portola Valley rarely see people from outside their nasty little barrio, so they do not have to worry about the opinions of other people in Portola Valley. However, their children, who must go to private schools elsewhere because of the dirty public school system, will encounter actual rich people and need to try to show off. It is NOT a low-key Atherton, in fact if anything it is an artificially bloated attempt at a copy built with shitty materials on worthless land. In fact, many people in Atherton are content with owning a car that is up to 10 years old, until it becomes necessary to buy a new one, because everyone knows theyre bosses and therefore they don't need to trouble themselves with the opinions of plebians who live on parched, weed covered hills.
ew look @ dat fat bitch she from portola valley

poor people from portola valley call their city "PV" because their inability to afford food makes it hard to exert the energy to say the full name
by Lashonda Yoqueefbo Jackson July 10, 2008
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