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Twins that can be found repeatedly on the game 'Resistance 2'. These twins are referred to as Titans however Hefto and Mefto pop up all over the place and are expected to be known by these name very soon.
Snorky is a charming Marauder that can be seen in the same game. He approaches the house with his two big back legs and his blowhole and attempts to murder you.
"Great now I have to fight Hefto and Mefto"

"OHAI Snorky!" *screams in pain*

Hefto Mefto and Snorky are the highlights of the game!
by Laserlad January 11, 2010
A rough or hard texture to the ground underfoot. Often found around beaches or car parks. Can be surfaces such as gravel, rubble, sand or general debris.
"This ground is very Crompy"
by Laserlad January 13, 2010

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