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Males testicles are placed in the eyes of female with flacid penis being over the nose. Girl bats her eyelashes arousing the penis causing an erection to grow like pinnochios nose when he lies. meanwhile the asshole is placed firmly against the forehead, leaving a symbolic brown dot between the eyes.
Nicki had a brown dot on her forehead this morning, she must have got the Hindu Pinnochio last night.
by Las Vegas Tripod March 12, 2011
Any sexual activity that results in skin clapping and flopping around. Primarily but not limited to balls banging against ass.
Do hear that? Sounds like they are beatin cheeks in the room next door.

Man that Chet fella is a real cheek beater, everytime I talk to him I can hear beating cheeks.
by Las Vegas Tripod March 12, 2011

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