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Having a good time ; Skrypin ; Busy ; Driving ; Golfing ; Homework ; School ; Eating ; Sleeping ; Hows it going ; Whats up ; It can mean anything you want. Just replace that main word with "Skrype". Skrype CANNOT be used to replace swears. Skrype has no intention of that.
- What are you doing this weekend? Im Skrypin
Witch could mean anything, pretty much whatever your doing. If your going to a party then your going to Skrype at that party. Have a good time.

- Whats Skrypin? Nothing much just chilling out
Witch means whats going on? What are you doing?

- What happened to your pencil? It got Skryped
Witch means it got stolen, or someones using it etc.
by Lary Goldmen October 07, 2010

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