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One who preys upon unsuspecting rectums, then savagely rapes them in a voracious manner.
"Dude, Rob just sodomized a 14 year old girl!"

"Fuckin A, Rob's an Ass Raptor."
by Lars368 May 05, 2009
1. People hailing from Italy, a European country on on the Mediterranean Sea.

2. People of Italian descent, generally boastful of their heritage and excessively aggressive although they really have no reason to be. Overly proud and arrogent,they presume themselves to be better than anyone else.
"Don't mess with me man, I'm Italian, you don't know what you're getting yourself into"

"But you were born in America, your Dad owns a resturaunt down the street. In fact I've never even seen you in a fight that you've won."

"So what? I'm Italian!"

"Remember what happened to the Italians in World War II? Your bragging rights are herby revoked."
by Lars368 May 03, 2009

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