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3 definitions by Lars Olson

So stupid, can't spell supid.
That such a supid dress u wear Mary!!
by Lars Olson March 18, 2008
Someone who is pargent shows signs of stupidity and is said to show signs of pargence. They are partially intelligent in some aspects, but completely cooked and mentally deprived when it comes to other aspects.
That guy is such a dumb idiot.. but why did he get such good marks on his finals? Oh he is just pargent.
by Lars Olson March 18, 2008
Someone who is dumbfounded and stupid in many aspects, while remaining intelligent in other areas.
Look at that... He's peeing in the middle of the street on Sunday afternoon. Is he dumb? No.. he got a 90 percent average in school. He's just showing signs of pargence.
by Lars Olson March 18, 2008