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Wide spreading musical term to describe DIY modern urban story telling. First coined by new york antifolk sugar daddy Lach, and now accepted by many as a genre within itself. Antifolk music can be acoustic or electronic, the common thread is the substance of the content and the zest of the delivery. Antifolk is now a rapidly developing UK phenomina. See antifolk.org antifolk.co.uk
Mouldy Peaches, Ivor Cutler, Mertle, Milk Kan, Bobby McGees, Kid Carpet, The Fall etc
by Larry Pickleman April 26, 2005
badverts are satirical and often subversive political or cultural memes which use the same techniques as advertising and markeing to spread ideas rather than sell products.
For a collection of animated musical badverts see: www.badverts.com
by Larry Pickleman April 26, 2005

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