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Phrase uttered when you have passed a particularly pungent bubble of gas that you are so proud of you want everyone to take a deep whiff.
We all knew we were in trouble when Amber asked, "Do I smell popcorn?" we just didn't know that it was lethal.
by Larry Chair November 25, 2010
The state being hazardously full of flatulence to the point of near expiration.
After dinner at the Mexican restaurant, she was farticious and to be rushed to the emergency room.
by Larry Chair November 18, 2010
Running your vehicle, whether intentional or not, off the road at high speeds into a line of cedar trees.
The truck was a total loss after Larry fell asleep at the wheel doing 80 and went cedar surfing down the bar ditch of Highway 36 near Smith Creek.
by Larry Chair December 23, 2011
to arouse interest through the use of methane gases.
He was insistent that her desire for him was afflatuated since his output was pungent and frequent.
by Larry Chair November 18, 2010
Obsessed or overcome by noxious odors or flatulence.
By the time emergency responders arrived, it was too late as inflatuation had set in and all victims were unconscious.
by Larry Chair November 18, 2010
incredible attraction to one of the opposite gender by the appeal to the odor of their flatulence.
She was bumfuddled by his overcoming fart appeal.
by Larry Chair November 18, 2010

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