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Short for Asian Emotional. Often seen wearing large baggy pants to accomodate their large cotch area. Amos have their own style of fashion which is unique to them and them only. They dont cry about how much their life sucks and they dont slit their wrists. They dont even have to be Asian.

Typical amo boy:
- choppy/flippy Mrs Brady hair
- baggy jeans
- wears a lot of black
- is part of an Amo 'group'
- continually refers to himself as being the most amo kid around
- listens to bands such as My Chemical Romance, Energy (Asian boy band), Fall Out Boy, and Matchbook Romance
- likes to act all mysterious
- is in love with Kelly Clarkson
- has myspace pictures of himself with messed up bed hair, hiding his face, taken from above.
- a photowhore
- doesnt like to be referred to as emo, scene or goth
- loves playing make believe
guy: "Im so amo with my yellow/not tinted skin and my black/blonde streaked hair ima gonna go meet up with my amo buds. dont bother me so yeah. "

girl: "omifreakingosh youre wearing eyeliner!! You cant be amo. kthanksbye. Amoxcore for life!!!!"
by Larissah March 30, 2006

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