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3 definitions by Laren McLauren

to hunt cockroaches, waterbugs or silverfish illegally for profit and/or fun
with ted's PS2 on the fritz, we decided to embark on a roach poach till that snotty little intern from greenpeace showed up and tied us all up
by Laren McLauren May 27, 2003
2 7
custard or pie filling traditionally found in a gay man's refrigerator
I was in the mood for Nasty FruitCake Surprise but to my chagrin i found no fairy creme in Darrin's fridge
by Laren McLauren May 27, 2003
4 9
a foul tasting wet sensation, akin to sushi or mcdonalds $.99 menu
That McChicken Smoothie was pure fart taste if ever there was one
by Laren McLauren May 27, 2003
1 6