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1 definition by Laquesia Jones

this is a reference to a gangsta who lives in ghettosville usa in the projects. she sells her body for food and tries to be a off-the-hizzle cholo. she cannot lean for her life (always forgets to put her elbows up and go side to side), and she may not be fred flintstone but she can make your bed rock.

Never trust a t-dawg. She's just in it for the cold hard cash. and brownies. and popcorn. and tagalongs. and the diamond GRILLZ!!!
"Who's that hoe on the other side of the street?"
"Oh, thats a t-dawg. dayum, what a skank in a bank."
"YOu mean like a slut in a hut?"
"Mhm, a tramp on a ramp...a t-dawg"
"Oh, a hoe fo sho. Gotcha M-sizzle"
by Laquesia Jones March 22, 2008
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