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A bareskin cup is the act of using the palm of your hand in a "cupped" fashion and placing it over your bum hole before you rip a stinky fart. The fartstink, which remains in the hand in a concentrated form, is then distributed by opening the hand in front of anothers nasal passage, causing tear-jerking stink. The Bareskin Cup can also be disguised in short as a "bachlor of science (BSc)" for an unsuspecting victim.
Dwayne shows up at our party the other night with shitstains on his undies so I gave him a bareskin cup to the face. Needless to say he ran home crying
by Langebone June 08, 2009
These are Natural Black Boobies that are so ridiculously large that they resemble two dead bodies hanging off the chest area. Although the real term for dead bodies is cadaver, the word has been passed through several dialects and generations in Africa transforming the pronouncing of the word in today's common language.
I was supply teaching grade 7 gym and coulnd't believe one chick with these UNBELIEVABLE natural black cadabers. No doubt she had to get a custom made bra to support those flappers.
by Langebone June 08, 2009
A hot seeper is a really hot fart that comes out of the bum hole, usually following a microwavable dinner. Hot Seepers have the highest concentration of sulfur which promotes ridiculous reekage, and sometimes leaves brown fartstink-remnants in the underwears.
Oh man I was sitting at my cubicle after I polished off some instant spaghetti bolognaise and let a reeking hot seeper go under my desk. I definitely should have worn the black undies today.
by Langebone June 08, 2009
This is simply the act of using your hand as a kleenex during awkward times where any kind of tissue/toilet paper/paper towel/gum wrapper is nowhere to be found. The handsnot is then wiped on something else, usually one's sock.
Man, I had a cold last weekend at Bertha's parents' cottage and pulled a handnex right in front of her grandmother. She handed me a used maxi to wipe it on, what a saint.
by Langebone June 09, 2009

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