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When you put your middle finger up to somebody behind an opaque object (predominantly a door), releasing anger but not getting into trouble. Usually used by young teens, aimed at parents.
"My mom was being so annoying... so i sly signed her through the door when i left the room."

"No way dude!"
by Landoddage May 27, 2009
The act of avoiding looking directly at somebody repulsive. The repulsion may be caused by ugliness, UFO's (unidentified facial objects) or small deformities such as birth marks. The common side affect of gaze dodging is guilt, an act to be used sensibly. Gaze Dodging is predominantly used when at supermarket checkouts.
"Man, she was so ugly i had to gaze dodge her"

"We all do sometimes, bro"
by Landoddage May 27, 2009
Lambo is a mix between the rugged nature of the well acclaimed character of Rambo and the soft, gentle nature of a lamb. Calling somebody a Lambo is a sign of great repect, and acknowledgement of the person's perfect balance of behaviour.
"You're the biggest Lambo I've ever met, dude!"

"Bro, it's what I do"
by Landoddage May 27, 2009

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