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The best type of sandwich in the world. Originated at Rutgers University by a college student looking for a late night snack. He took a hero roll and thew basically all types of greasy foods in it (french fries, chicken fingers, mozzerella sticks, gyro meat,) along with sauces (honey mustard, mayo, ketchup, marinarra). Comes in a large number of varities, and most have a funny name, such as the fat bitch, the fat mojo, the fat dyke, the fat night ie. If you eat 6 of these in one sitting you get to rename the sandwich.
Matt was hungry so he went to the grease trucks and got a fat sandwiches.
by Lando Calriddian April 06, 2006
One of the fat sandwiches sold at the grease trucks, which are located on Hamilton Ave in New Brunswick, New Jersey (Rutgers University. The sandwich is chicken fingers, mozzerella sticks, french fries and honey mustard all crammed onto a hero roll.
Matt was so hungry he went to the RU Hungry grease truck and ordered 2 fat mojo's and he was unable to eat for the rest of the day because he was stuffed to the rafters.
by lando calriddian October 08, 2006

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