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1.An area or place with a high content of shady people
(Ex: Hobos, crackwhores, Pimps, Dealers, Dealees, Texans, etc.)

2. A area or place that is menacing to law abiding citizens
(Ex: Alleys, behind Wal Mart, dark and damp closets.)
"Dude, check out the agape house across the street. That place is sketch central..."
by Landalf November 25, 2007
The act of hitting a person with a karate chop to the trachea whilst they are midway through a sentence and exclaiming "Sank!" as you hit their neck.
"So our progress charts are showing a dramatic increase in sales-"

"SANK!" (Karate Chop)
by Landalf November 25, 2007

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