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Too boring; didn't read
Sender: Take a look at the attached article about gardening techniques to get a better lawn!

Reply: tb; dr
by Land Snark July 28, 2010
Exceptionally well-off, and able to afford many different bling-based items at will. (Often spelled this way in order to avoid work/office email filters.)
Friend #1: When that real estate market goes up all those foreclosed properties I just bought are going to make me so rich. Damn a$s rich!

Friend #2: When is the real estate market ever going to go up again, exactly? Good luck with that.
by Land Snark July 28, 2010
Too bad, so sad. A comeback to tell someone to suck it up, or they created the problem they are complaining about, or you could care less, or to shut the hell up, because they are being babies and actually have nothing to feel bad about in the first place.
Sender: I can't believe this, my girlfriend is really rich and expects me to accompany her on a trip to Paris this weekend to a model fashion show, which is going to interfere with me sitting on the couch and watching the ballgame.

Reply: tb; ss
by Land Snark July 28, 2010

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