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An awesome school where we are not all rich white stuck up kids with fancy cars, that go surf or skate all day. We are diverse but still get along no matter our ethnicity or personality. We love to be with friends and live life. We don't care about people's beliefs or sexual orientation, we like people for who they are on the inside not just the outside. We don't all take AP classes and have parties for studying. Not everyone smokes, does weed, drinks, ditches school... Sure there are still fights, people still ditch, etc... There are still people that take lots of honors and AP classes but one day they will be living a great life and be glad that they took those classes and if you just want to make us at Carlsbad High look bad then that is fine because we are not what you say. At Carlsbad High we are proud of who we are and don't believe what people say when they just want to disparage(to put someone down) us. We aren't afraid to say what we believe in and are very proud of that. So Carlsbad, when people are making fun of you or putting you down, STAND UP FOR YOURSELF AND OTHERS, DON'T STOP BELIEVING LANCERS!
Carlsbad High School goes through life and stands up for what they believe. (Summary of def.)
by Lancer Believer April 09, 2010

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