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A local female Delaware slut attaches herself to some poor unsuspecting young airman from Dover Air Force Base. Purposely uses him for his military benefits and a chance to get out of the Delaware area. This useless cunt can be spotted at the local mall, Wal Mart, or the State Fair with excessive makeup smelling of cum and cigarette smoke. (Note: She is probably already intoxicated and pregnant at the same time.)
Airman Smith was supposed to transfer to his dream assignement today until he was stopped at the gate by his First Sergeant for falling into a Delaware Snatch Trap.
by Lanceblumpkin July 21, 2011
To blow air into the vagina for the purpose of causing extremely loud pussy farts. Usually done without permission and on a first date so that the girl feels very uncomfortable and tries to hold it in, but is usually unsuccessful because she is from Delaware and has poor control over her worn out pussy muscles.
I went down on Wendy after just meeting her at the mall like an hour before. I gave that whore a Delaware Thunder Cat. I think she really liked me because she tried to turn up the radio in the car so I couldn't hear it.
by Lanceblumpkin July 21, 2011
When a man makes love to a dog, but puts the dog on its back with its four legs in the air so he may look it in the eyes.
Oh shit...my drugged up neighbor is in my yard trying to bang my poodle Delaware Doggie Style!!! I swear if he cums in her im gonna go Delaware Pencil Sharpener on his ass!!!!
by Lanceblumpkin July 21, 2011
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