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abreve. for totally to die for.

Used to denote utmost satisfaction with something, a 4 letter seal of approval to be used by the discerning man who cannot waste his time saying full words, and must abreve.

Instantaneously over the tops a peon's proclamation of "TDF"
However, it may be one-upped by "TTTDF"

synonyms: delish, exquisite, pungent, lovely, dudical

antonyms: gay
"this DDT is TDF"

"dude, you suck, my tostada is TTDF"
#delicious #exquisite #dudical #tasty #lovely
by Lance Williams April 28, 2008
The act of partaking in sexual interludes with someone while in the same room as a family member. Typically said family member is unaware of what is taking place, and is often asleep. However, it should be noted that if said family member becomes privy to what is taking place, and they do not leave the room, it just becomes real incest.

It is usually an act of desperation and due to lack of alternate venues.

Once a friend pioneers this maneuver, it is customary, and always considered good form, to ridicule them severely, and remind them that they committed proximity incest, and technically speaking, are now a sex offender.
Charlie totally boffed his cousin's friend Liana on the floor of his cousin's bedroom while staying at his aunt and uncle's house for Easter... he totally committed proximity incest.
#incest #proximity #hooking #up #sex #family
by Lance Williams April 28, 2008
abreve. for Double Decker Taco.

a delish item at T-bell, or Taco Bell to the layman.

NOTICE: after 9pm, taco bell employees always prefer you order in abreves.

recommended accompaniments:

bean burrit
large code red,
cinnamon twists
"may i take your order please"

"yeah come at me with a tosty, a DDT, one bean burrit, a la-co-re and some ciny twists."

"...oh and fire sauce."
#double #decker #taco #bell #food #mexican
by Lance Williams April 28, 2008
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