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Either an Orgasm over Mexican food, Or an orgasm over a Mexican.
"I like to Mexicorgasm over your mother"
" why geoffery, that was a delectable steak, i would so much enjoy some port with my afternoon cigar, how is your frank, is he still a homosexual? Mexicorgasm"
by Lance Hardwood February 02, 2008
When you either have intercourse with the stump of a tree. Or when you decapitate someone and have intercourse with their bloody stump.
"i've just stump fucked that old lady"
"Golly gosh thats an attractive looking willow, i wanna stump fuck it"
"not now Hunny, i'm stump fucking, i'll fuck you later"
by Lance Hardwood February 02, 2008
When someone Orgasms over a high definition televison.
"Oh posh, i've just done a Highdefacum"
by Lance Hardwood February 02, 2008
69 with a guitar of the same sex, also peanut butter and pacman is involved.
"i want a guitar queero with pacman and mrs. pacman, also blinky the blue ghost, now inky the red one, he's not good enough"
by Lance Hardwood February 02, 2008

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