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A fruity drink that usually comes in a cheap small plastic container in the shape of a barrel and is sold for a mere $.25. A bootleg version of Kool Aid.
Marissa was being cheap so she ran to the deli and bought grape ghetto aid.
by Lana January 29, 2004
A weal player is a wanna be real player. I dont know why anyone would want to be a weal player....
The method of putting a 'w' instead of the first letter of a word to mean wanna be works for lots of other things, for example; warmer (wanna be farmer), wamster (wannabe hamster) and wemo (wannabe emo).
These words are mainly use as mean terms for if you really hate someone.
Lana and Laura are weal players.
by Lana March 23, 2005
an individual who frequents raves on a regular basis
My friend claire is such a groover. She is really into the groover chick thing.
by Lana September 13, 2003
Literally meaning "for life". When broken down, as in slang term, it goes "fo lyfe" with x for the edge/emo effect.
Our friendship? It's folyfex!
by Lana August 29, 2004
a person who has no lagitimate reason for living. They are not helping society or themselves. They take what god has givin them and abuse and misuse it.
That burnt out crack head is down the street blowin my homeboy.
by lana December 08, 2004

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