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4 definitions by Lambskin22000

Ass To Other Girl's Ass To Other Girl's Mouth

A MFFF foursome involving one girl getting fucked in the ass and the cock going into another girl's ass and then finally going into yet another girl's mouth. Possibly the ultimate of life's experiences.
I made your wife and her two slutty friends do ATOGATOGM with me when you were out of town last week.
by Lambskin22000 July 29, 2011
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Ass To Other Sister's Mouth

When one takes his penis from one girl's ass and inserts it into her sister's mouth. Or his sister's mouth. As long as the other sister is a relative of one of the participants, it is officially ATOSM.
Those hot twin sisters are down with doing ATOSM with each other.
by Lambskin22000 July 29, 2011
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A woman with a belly that sticks out as far her tits do and sometimes beyond them. From the side she will resemble the capital letter "B".
Sometimes (inappropriately) used to refer to a woman in late pregnancy.
Dude, just cuz my girl is knocked up, that doesn't make her a Form Factor B. Once it drops she'll be back to normal.
by Lambskin22000 August 10, 2013
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Ass To Her Daughter's Mouth

A MFF threesome involving fucking a MILF in her ass then immediately putting your cock into her daughter's mouth. The surest way of going straight to hell after you die.
That MILF I fucked has a hot daughter and they let me do ATHDM, too.
by Lambskin22000 July 29, 2011
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