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To apply more deodorant to your armpits, of which have been completely overtaken by your nasty armpit stench.
Bro #1: Come on, Bro, we gotta got the Sarah's party!

Bro #2: Hold on, Bro, I gotta re-odorant my nasty armpits.
by lamalf July 18, 2008
the act of spooning with a complicated friend, or babby
some asstard: hey bro you wanna go watch grey's anatomy with me?

a babby: nahh bro i'm gonna babb-oon with mah babbs all night longgg
by Lamalf November 15, 2007
term of endearment for someone of whom you are complicated with
hey babby<3, you wanna go be complicated at the movies with me?
by Lamalf October 16, 2007
a term of endearment directed at a person of whom you are in a complicated relationship with.
hey babby... you wanna go get "complicatedly" wasted with me tonight?
by Lamalf October 16, 2007

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