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acronym for "post your pictures", commonly used on internet forums
to all the cuties in this thread, PYP please!
#post #pictures #internet #forum #thread
by Lala92 June 19, 2007
usually used on internet forums, a lumbernaught is a truly manly man: half lumberjack, half astronaught!
shit yeah, he was so amazed that i was a lumbernaught that he hired me right ON THE SPOT.
#lumberjack #astronaught #manly #man #lumbernaught
by Lala92 June 24, 2007
To mislead someone by taking them to the a rick roll video, instead of taking them to the one you were talking about (not related to the rick roll video).
Person 1: Here's a video that shows proof that ghosts are real!
Person 2: Thanks! *clicks on link* GOD STOP RICK ROLLING ME!
#rick #roll #rickroll #stoprickrollingme #video
by Lala92 May 28, 2007
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