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Malchik gay, or in it's orginal name, Mal'chik gey means gay boy in Russian. The group tATu sings a song called Malchik Gay in both Russian and English, which is about a girl who wants a gay boy.
Part of lyrics of Malchik Gay :Choking back emotion. I try to keep on hoping for a way; a reason for us both to come in close. I long for you to hold me like your boyfriend does...
by Lala Yamada November 23, 2007
A name. Pronounced Emma Lee. If you tell a person your name is Emalie and they write it down, they'll spell it like Emily.
*Person gives out birthday invitations* *Emalie recieves her's and the envelope reads "Emily"*
by Lala Yamada November 23, 2007
Sas-uke is used to make fun of Sasuke (from the anime Naruto) Uchiha's name, usually in fanfiction. Uke is the guy that gets it in the butt.
Naruto: Hey, Sas-uke! Liked getting it last night? *laughs*
by Lala Yamada November 23, 2007
The yaoi pairing of Neji Hyuuga and Sasuke Uchiha from the anime and manga Naruto. May also be Sasuneji.
I just made a Nejisasu fic! Come read! ^^
by Lala Yamada November 23, 2007
"Gimme my neck" is sort of a game. When someone says anything incorrect, you say: "Gimme my neck!" Then you rub your fingers (index finger and middle finger) as hard as you can behind the person's neck.
Boy: You said tomorrow's my birthday? It's next week! Gimme my neck! *rubs fingers behind the girl's neck*
by Lala Yamada February 15, 2008
A fangirl is a girl who is an annoying fan to something and/or somebody. They act in an exaggerate manner. A great example is how Ino and Sakura are to Sasuke from the anime Naruto.
Fangirl: I wuv him! I want to marry him! He's sooo cute!! ^^ *glomps*
by Lala Yamada November 23, 2007
A different way to say "my" or "me" or to describe something as boring or that you don't care.
Girl: Meh(me) and meh(my) friend had a meh(boring) day today.
by Lala Yamada November 23, 2007
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