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2 definitions by Lain872

The obsession with fire, marked by five things.

1] The inexplicable obsession with fire, burning and any flamable objects.

2] The irresistable urge to watch fire or to lite one.

3] The disregard of other's lives, possessions and feelings when they conflict with the starting of a fire.

4] Feelings of lust are displayed when watching, liting or simply being around fire.

5] The reasons for starting the fire are not for revenge, property damage, the desire to start anew, light or entertainment - but an indescribable feeling that comes from simply watching flames - one that the pyromaniac cannot control.
Pyromania, what is slowly taking over the world with the beginning of pyromaniacs.
by Lain872 June 21, 2004
36 7
A type of clothing that is sort of flexible and stretchy. It usually has stripes of varying colors down it.
I just bought this awesome seersucker jacket from Ralph Lauren!
by Lain872 June 11, 2005
40 18